3rd January

Welcome to the Eightfold Year. Every day a different painting will appear, along with moon phases, saints days, seasonal plants and other festive celebrations.

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Onwards and Upwards!


Snowfall on Maria's Balcony, Liverpool, 2007: Jamie Reid

Moon Phases, January 2017:
First Quarter - January 5, 19:47
Full Moon - January 12, 11:35
Third Quarter - January 19, 22:14
New Moon - January 28, 00:08




Allotment in winter chill, Liverpool, December 2010: Jamie Reid

Saint's Day:

Tamaseseri Festival (Hakozaki Shrine, Fukuoka)

Biodynamic Gardening Guide:

Moon in Pisces: Plant vegetables (leaf vegetables as well).
Water indoor plants.
Mow a lawns.
Enrich flowers. *

Also on this day:

1431 – Joan of Arc is handed over to the Bishop Pierre Cauchon.

1496 – Leonardo da Vinci unsuccessfully tests a flying machine.

1521 – Pope Leo X excommunicates Martin Luther in the papal bull Decet Romanum Pontificem.

1777 – American general George Washington defeats British general Charles Cornwallis at the Battle of Princeton.

1924 – British explorer Howard Carter discovers the sarcophagus of Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings, near Luxor, Egypt.

1932 – Martial law is declared in Honduras to stop revolt by banana workers fired by United Fruit.

1962 – Pope John XXIII excommunicates Fidel Castro.

1994 – More than seven million people from the former Apartheid Homelands, receives South African citizenship.

* more information can be found here.