1st March

Welcome to the Eightfold Year. Every day a different painting will appear, along with moon phases, saints days, seasonal plants and other festive celebrations.

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Onwards and Upwards!


Sunset Over The Mersey, March 2008: Maria Hughes

Moon Phases, March 2016:
Third Quarter - March 1, 23:10
New Moon - March 9, 01:54
First Quarter – March 15, 17:02
Full Moon – March 23, 12:00
Third Quarter - March 31, 16:16




Early Spring frost, Liverpool, Spring 2010: Jamie Reid

Saint's Day:
Albin (Catholic Church)
Monan (Catholic Church)
Swidbert (Catholic Church)

Beer Day, marked the end of beer prohibition in 1989 (Iceland)
Earliest day on which Casimir Pulaski Day can fall, while March 7 is the latest; celebrated on the first Monday in March. (Illinois)
Earliest day on which Laetare Sunday can fall, while April 4 is the latest; celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. (Western Christianity), and its related observances:
Carnaval de la Laetare (Stavelot)
Mothering Sunday (United Kingdom)
Eight Hours Day (Tasmania)
Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina from Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1992.
Labour day (Western Australia)
March 1st Movement Remembrance Day or Samiljeol; 삼일절 (South Korea)
Martenitsa (Bulgaria)
Mărţişor (Romania and Moldova)
National Pig Day (United States)
Roman New Year observances:
Feriae Marti in honor of Mars
Matronalia in honor of Juno
Renewal of the Vestal fire
Saint David's Day or Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant (Wales and Welsh communities)
Self Injury Awareness Day
The final day (fourth or fifth) of Ayyám-i-Há (Bahá'í Faith)

Biodynamic Gardening Guide:

Moon in Scorpio: This is a Water sign. It is a good time to sow Leaf plants like Cabbages, Celeriac, but it would not be a good time to sow Fruiting plants like Broad Beans or Cucumber*

Also on this day:

1565 – The city of Rio de Janeiro is founded.

1692 – Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne and Tituba are brought before local magistrates in Salem Village, Massachusetts, beginning what would become known as the Salem witch trials.

1815 – Napoleon returns to France from his banishment on Elba.

1896 – Battle of Adowa: an Ethiopian army defeats an outnumbered Italian force, ending the First Italo–Ethiopian War.

1921 – The Australian cricket team of Warwick Armstrong becomes the first team to completed a whitewash of The Ashes, something that would not be repeated for 86 years.

1953 – Joseph Stalin suffers a stroke and collapses. He dies four days later.

1954 – Nuclear testing: The Castle Bravo, a 15-megaton hydrogen bomb, is detonated on Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, resulting in the worst radioactive contamination ever caused by the United States.

1966 – Venera 3 Soviet space probe crashes on Venus becoming the first spacecraft to land on another planet's surface.

1981 – Provisional Irish Republican Army member Bobby Sands begins his hunger strike in HM Prison Maze.

2007 – Squatters are evicted from Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen, Denmark, provoking the March 2007 Denmark Riots.

* more information can be found on the Gardeners Calendar website here