19th January

Welcome to the Eightfold Year. Every day a different painting will appear, along with moon phases, saints days, seasonal plants and other festive celebrations.

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Onwards and Upwards!


Apocalypse In Knotty Ash, 2007: Maria Hughes

Moon Phases, January 2017:
First Quarter - January 5, 19:47
Full Moon - January 12, 11:35
Third Quarter - January 19, 22:14
New Moon - January 28, 00:08




Teasels, Liverpool, December 2010: Jamie Reid

Saint's Day:
Henry of Uppsala
Maris, Martha, Abachum and Audifax
Mark of Ephesus
Wulfstan, Bishop of Worcester

Confederate Heroes Day (Texas
Feast of Sultán (Sovereignty), first day of the 17th month of the Bahá'í calendar (Bahá'í Faith)
Theophany / Epiphany (Eastern and Oriental Orthodoxy), and its related observances:
Timkat, or 20 during Leap Year (Ethiopian Orthodox)
Vodici or Baptism of Jesus (Republic of Macedonia)

Biodynamic Gardening Guide:

Moon in Libra: Transplant plants and prick off sprouts.
During the waxing moon it is a good time for setting legumes.
Set annual and perennial flowers and berrylike bushes.
Take the crop. It binned well.
High quality seeds.
Set flowers and flowering medicinal herbs.*

Also on this day:

1419 – Hundred Years' War: Rouen surrenders to Henry V of England completing his reconquest of Normandy.

1764 – John Wilkes is expelled from the British House of Commons for seditious libel.

1829 – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Faust Part 1 receives its premiere performance.

1853 – Giuseppe Verdi's opera Il Trovatore receives its premiere performance in Rome.

1893 – Henrik Ibsen's play The Master Builder receives its premiere performance in Berlin.

1969 – Student Jan Palach dies after setting himself on fire 3 days earlier in Prague's Wenceslas Square to protest the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union in 1968. His funeral turned into another major protest.

2006 – The New Horizons probe is launched by NASA on the first mission to Pluto.

* more information can be found here.